Book Clubs


The intention of this page is to provide some material for (super smart) Book Clubs that have chosen to read Crescendo Cove. 

WARNING: Stop reading this page now if you have not completed Crescendo Cove in its entirety as the questions below may contain spoilers.  

Book Club Questions:

First off, thank you very much for choosing to read Crescendo Cove as part of your Book Club.  Hope you enjoyed the experience.  Below are a few questions and points for discussion that will hopefully spark some debate.  

1. Is there a hero in this book?  If so, who is it and why?  If not, why is that?  Shouldn’t every book have a hero, or at least a readily identifiable protagonist?

2. At the end of the book, how do you feel about Steel Bolt?  Is he a sociopathic control freak, or are his transgressions forgivable since he does them out of love for his family?  Even spiking the odd coffee pot?

3. How do you feel about Daedalus?  A misguided, but ultimately loveable rake, or something more malignant?  Don’t forget to factor in his treatment of Chastity and Charity after he impregnated them.

4. Why do you think he made the decision to marry Pearl?  How would things have been different in Crescendo Cove had he not married her?

5. How do you feel about Viveka?  A self-pitying victim who turns her life around, or a character not really worthy of sympathy?

6. Are there any minor characters who stick out as particularly noteworthy?

7. How do you feel about the character names?  Clever gags that contribute to the overall enjoyment of the book, or annoying conceits indicative of an author who’s trying too hard?

8. Along the same lines, how did you feel about the episode titles?

9. How did you feel about Episode 100 (the poem)?  Was it a helpful, enjoyable recap, or just an annoying distraction?

10. In our mind, there are two mysteries that are not revealed by the book’s end; what are they?  (Click here for the answer)

11. Overall, what is your opinion of the book?  Discuss some of its strong points and weak points.

If you think of any good discussions points on your own, or if you have any other suggestions, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

If you would like the author to attend your book club meeting, either virtually or in person, send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details and he will make every effort to do so.  Of course, out of town travel may involve covering his expenses.