Episode 1: Meet the Bolts
Episode 2: Breakfast: The Most Important Fight of the Day
Episode 3: A Dialogue on the Feeding of Horses
Episode 4: Beth Breath (Sigh)
Episode 5: The Rigid Nature of Steel
Episode 6: Cigarettes and Whine
Episode 7: This Widow’s Grief Is Exceptionally Brief
Episode 8: A Bad Heir Day
Episode 9: Chastity in a Strip Club
Episode 10: The Mark of a Saint?
Episode 11: Muddling Emotions
Episode 12: Applauding a Plodding Plotter
Episode 13: An Invitation to a Dance Recital
Episode 14: In Which Steel Is Hard
Episode 15: A Bolt Comes Undone
Episode 16: Trixie Meet Chastity. Chastity, Trixie
Episode 17: In Which a Bolt Gets Screwed
Episode 18: Complicated Contemplations of Love
Episode 19: A Homecoming, Sort Of
Episode 20: A Dissolute Duo
Episode 21: In Which Another Bolt Gets Screwed
Episode 22: On the Road to Recovery
Episode 23: Two Pairs and a Lonely King
Episode 24: Hope for Steel, Nun too Soon
Episode 25: The Supple Side of Steel
Episode 26: Cloistered Hope
Episode 27: The Blush and Flush of Love and Lust
Episode 28: Impatience Pays Off
Episode 29: The Quickest Shot in Crescendo Cove
Episode 30: Dreams, Schemes and Screams/Then an Enemy Returns, it Seems
Episode 31: A Bizarre Threesome
Episode 32: A Womb That Isn't a Tomb
Episode 33: Blow the Man Down
Episode 34: Unscheduled Lovemaking
Episode 35: Dealing With a Snot/In Order to Get a Yacht
Episode 36: Elementary, My Dear, Dear Bolt
Episode 37: Breakfast With the Bolts, Redux
Episode 38: Burl's Hardheadedness
Episode 39: Burl Want Girl
Episode 40: Jiggles and Giggles
Episode 41: Enragement Leads to Engagement
Episode 42: Two Bolts Come Together
Episode 43: Hugh is Who
Episode 44: Concerns About Age Provoke Some Rage
Episode 45: A Drunk, a Funk, a Lunk/And a Woman Who Wants to Marry a Hunk
Episode 46: Talkin' Phony 'Bout Matrimony
Episode 47: In Which an Attempted Rape Occurs
Episode 48: Mourning Morning
Episode 49: Charity Embraces a New Friend
Episode 50: Oh, Come All Ye Bolts
Episode 51: Beauty, Everywhere You Look Beauty
Episode 52: One Who Intrudes, One Who Broods
Episode 53: The Intervener Intones Some Interesting Information
Episode 54: Genetics and Frenetics
Episode 55: Viv Leaves 'Cause of Pity/Avoids the City/And Goes Somewhere Gritty
Episode 56: Starring Viveka Bolt as “The Intimidator!”
Episode 57: The Eyes Have It
Episode 58: Eat a Puss Hugh
Episode 59: From Sinners to Winners
Episode 60: Impressed Erotic Prancers And Depressed Exotic Dancers
Episode 61: Illicit Acts Elicit Glee, But Only Temporarily
Episode 62: The Hypotenuse of Love
Episode 63: The Naive Grieve the Practice to Deceive
Episode 64: Feelings on Being a Mother and Father
Episode 65: In Which Silence Is Disconcerting
Episode 66: Rection, P.I.
Episode 67: A Variety of Things/Including Offsprings and Rings
Episode 68: Just When It Looks Like The Plan Can't Lose
Episode 69: The End of Daedalus Bolt?
Episode 70: Farewell, Daedalus
Episode 71: Cars That Linger and a Bag Full of Finger
Episode 72: To Be Forlorn Threatens the Unborn/Does Salvation Lie With the Well-Worn?
Episode 73: The Kindness of Strangers And Possible Dangers
Episode 74: A Brief Episode in Which Charity Meets Her Match
Episode 75: Mrs. Steel Bolt Squared
Episode 76: “A Cheap, Crappy, Stupid Soap Opera”
Episode 77: The Secretary Meets an Adversary
Episode 78: Chastity Secures Some More of Steel’s Booty—He’s Just Doing His Genetic Duty
Episode 79: Pants on Fire
Episode 80: Steel Is Perplexed When He Views/The Source of Viv’s Happy News
Episode 81: He’s Not Related To Her, He Is Not Gay, But Viveka Loves Him Anyway
Episode 82: Because of Deals That Unfurl, Steel Summons Burl
Episode 83: Murder, She Read
Episode 84: Steel’s Problems Get Deeper and Wider
Episode 85: Upsetting Stories of Foundries in Peru
Episode 86: The Circle of Life—You Know, One Person Dies, Another One Is Born, That Kinda Thing
Episode 87: Everyone’s a Fan of Moogoo Guypan
Episode 88: Steel Pretends To Be Unaware Of His Connection to These Murders Most Rare
Episode 89: A Meal for Steel with Real Appeal
Episode 90: O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
Episode 91: Starting To Rue the Sight of Moogoo
Episode 92: Steel Wilts
Episode 93: The Undoing of Bolt Fasteners
Episode 94: Moogoo Thinks Twice About His Proffered Advice
Episode 95: Thoughts on a Life (That’s About To End?)
Episode 96: Assorted Sordid Sorts, Part 1
Episode 97: Assorted Sordid Sorts, Part 2
Episode 98: Assorted Sordid Sorts, Part 3
Episode 99: Steel Drinks and Thinks and Wonders Why
Episode 100: Highlights From Episodes 1-99/Rendered in Couplets That Usually Rhyme
Episode 101: In Which Steel Bolt Talks to Beth Breath? Daedalus? Consuela? Burl Hard? Norbert? Someone Else?
Episode 102: Verboasting
Episode 103: Ravings About Cravings
Episode 104: Viv Is Exceedingly Thrilled; More Waitresses Have Been Killed!
Episode 105: Steel Lies, Almost Dies, Practically Cries—Then Gets Wise
Episode 106: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Drinkin’
Episode 107: Party of One
Episode 108: Ants in the Pants, A Revealing Stance, Concern-Inspired Rants and Foolhardy Defiance
Episode 109: Images That Are Rending Of Steel Bolt Descending Part 1
Episode 110: Images That Are Rending Of Steel Bolt Descending Part 2
Episode 111: Images That Are Rending Of Steel Bolt Descending Part 3
Episode 112: Efforts That Are Last Ditch Lead To Being Called a Bitch
Episode 113: Winner Of The Unprestigious “Least Surprising Development In Crescendo Cove” Award
Episode 114: A Sexual Revelation is Alive and Well
Episode 115: Gays Gaze While Bolts Bolt
Episode 116: Selling Daddy’s Company Makes Viv Upset
Episode 117: Don’t Even Bother Being a Father
Episode 118: The Undoing of Bolt Fasteners?