Episode 90: O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Look No Further Than the Demise of Ling

“Oh Steel,” Viveka Bolt cried out the next morning upon being handed The Crescendo Cove Times by the staff, “please tell me you didn’t go out for dinner last night?”

Instantaneously every muscle in Steel’s body contracted—but he pretended to be unaffected.  “Why do you ask?”

“You went to Sum Puk Sun, didn’t you?” she asserted.

Steel nodded sheepishly.

“The daughter of the family that runs that place was murdered last night!”

“Ling?  Ling is dead?” Steel said with dismay. 

“After they closed she took some garbage out to the bin in the alley.  When she didn’t come back her father went to look for her.”  Viv choked on sobs as she read the account in the newspaper.  “He—he—he found her with her skull crushed and her pants around her ankles.” 

Norbert looked on inscrutably.

“Ling is dead?” Steel repeated, unable to fathom that the beautiful face that had blushed for him scant hours before was no more.

“Oh no,” Viv said with fresh alarm, “there’s an editorial about you, Steel.  Do you want me to read it?”

“Ling?  Dead?”

“‘It has come to the attention of this newspaper that the only link between these nefarious homicides is our town’s generally-acknowledged chieftain, Steel Bolt.  Sources close to the investigation have revealed that on the night of each of the murders, Crescendo Cove’s most notable gourmand has been a patron at the restaurant where the victim worked.  No doubt Mr. Bolt has noticed this pattern himself.  While this is not to suggest that Steel Bolt has any direct involvement with the murders, why won’t he do the police and the waitresses in this city a favour: For pity’s sake, Mr. Bolt, eat at home!”

The only abatement in the absolute rigidity of Steel’s body was the uncontrollable blinking of his left eye and the spasmodic twitching at the corner of his mouth.  He stared straight ahead, ignoring the convulsions.  “Ling is dead?” was all he said.

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