Episode 93: The Undoing of Bolt Fasteners

The next day, Steel Bolt went to work and engaged in various hushed phone conversations with bankers, suppliers, creditors, lawyers, etc.  While he didn’t state it outright to any of them, what he was trying to do was figure out the most efficient manner for Bolt Fasteners to declare bankruptcy.  If it could be done in such a way that he didn’t end up in jail, so much the better.

Beth Breath found his acquiescence heartbreaking—much harder than if he’d been hysterical or depressed about the task at hand.  It was as if he saw the dismantling of Bolt Fasteners as just another job.  One that he approached with his typical professionalism—though none of his spirit.  

His reticence manifested itself only in the fact that, for the first time since Beth had started working for him, Steel Bolt left at 5:00 p.m.  He simply walked out of his office with his coat on and said, “Goodnight, Miss Breath.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Upon arriving at stately Bolt Manor, Steel went to his study.  There he took all of his personal papers from the wall safe, filing cabinets, and various desk drawers and spread them across his desk.  What he was doing now was going through his personal portfolio (life insurance policies, stocks, bonds, other personal investments and holdings) hoping to god that somehow he could liquidate everything and bail out Bolt Fasteners.  Not long into the process, he knew it wasn’t going work.  Steel Bolt, a man of impeccable honour, was about to drive the family business into the ground in a most dishonourable way.

He leaned back in his chair, looked toward the sky and sighed.  

At that precise moment there was a knock on the door of his study.  


Manuel poked his head in the door.  “Detective Guypan is here to see you, sir.”

“Send him in,” Steel said submissively.  “Send him in.”

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