Episode 101: In Which Steel Bolt Talks to Beth Breath? Daedalus? Consuela? Burl Hard? Norbert? Someone Else?

“You sound surprised that it’s me,” said the person, advancing slowly toward Steel Bolt’s desk.

Steel must be commended for the fact that, despite his intoxication, he had the presence of mind to surreptitiously run his index finger along the underside of his desk until he came to a button.  He must also be credited for the brilliant manoeuvre of hiccupping in order to keep the person from hearing the clicking sound as he pressed it.  “I am surprised.”

“That disappoints me.”

“So it’s been you all along?”


“You started Hard Hinges.”


“You tampered with the computers at Bolt Fasteners.”


“You killed all those girls.”



“Why?” the silver-haired man repeated incredulously.  “You ask me why?!  After the way your father treated me?  The way he belittled me?  The way he demeaned and humiliated and insulted me when I came forward and volunteered to marry Viveka?  The way he had me run out of town like some bandit in a low-budget Western?  You ask me why?” the man bellowed.

“Yeah.  Why?”

The man leaned across the desk and spoke menacingly: “I vowed that one day I would get even with your father for the manner in which he treated me.  And I knew the best way to do that was to take from him the one thing he cared about more than any other.  My crowning glory, I knew even then, almost 25 years ago, would be the day I wrested control of Bolt Fasteners from him.  But alas, by dying he cheated me of that.  So, my destiny was altered slightly.  Since his demise I have spent every waking moment plotting, scheming and conspiring to take Bolt Fasteners away from you, Steel Bolt.”

“So you didn’t jus’ come up with this plan yesterday?” Steel slurred.

“In point of fact, as I was standing exactly where I am now and your father was cursing me and telling me what an evil person I was, in my head I was plotting my revenge.  I promised myself that one day I would usurp control of Bolt Fasteners and destroy your family in the process—the same way your father sought to destroy me.  I vowed, I pledged, I swore this, as sure as my name is Benson Benoit.”

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