Episode 102: Verboasting

“All this because my father yelled at you when you got his sixteen year old daughter pregnant?” Steel Bolt said.  “What’d jou expect, a handshake and a cigar?”

“His harsh words were understandable; what I did not appreciate was the insinuation that I wasn’t good enough for her.  Sure, I was good enough to wait on your family, to feed you, to put your mother to bed and ensure that she had clean linen to puke on, but I wasn’t good enough to actually be one of you,” said Benson Benoit spitefully.

“You were the butler.  Is there something about that relationship you don’t understand?”

“I was too shrewd, too intelligent, too clever to be a mere butler.  Everyone knew that!  Everyone knew I was destined for far greater things.”

“So you impregnated my sister hoping that instead of serving us you’d become one of us?”

“Yes.  Exactly.  Precisely.”

Steel wanted to continue this dialogue concerning one man’s single-minded devotion to destroying another, but he couldn’t help commenting, “Have you ever noticed that you always use three words when one would do?”

“It is a curse, a malediction, a burden associated with my highly-functioning brain,” said Benson, tapping his forehead.  “Within this cranium lurks one of the most fearsome, impressive, awesome assemblages of grey matter ever.  Look how easily—once I set my mind to it—I brought you to this point.” 

“So now you’ve won, is that it?  I’m going to jail and with me I take all chance of Bolt Fasteners’ survival?  Hard Hinges will pick up the pieces?”

“Oh no, my dear boy, you’re not going to jail.  On the inside you’d only better yourself.  You’d educate your fellow prisoners, you’d initiate invaluable prison reforms, you’d win all sorts of awards.  We can’t have that—you’d be hero, a champion of the rights of the incarcerated, even more of a demigod than you are now.”

“Were you always this verbose?” Steel asked.  “I don’t remember you being this verbose.”

Benson ignored him.  “No, you’re not going to jail.  I shall see to that.  For I’ve already got what I wanted,” he said.

Intrigued—but resenting the fact that he was—Steel asked, “Oh yeah?  What’s that?”

Benson nodded toward the glass of scotch in Steel’s hand. 

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