Episode 106: Thinkin’ ‘Bout Drinkin’

Steel Bolt stepped unsteadily out of the elevator.  The small treatment he’d given himself to alleviate his hangover was wearing off—he felt nauseous again.  

“Oh Mr. Bolt!” Beth Breath exclaimed the moment she saw him, “did Viveka tell you?  It’s wonderful....”

God, does she need to yell like that?  You know, all I’d need right now is one little nip of something.  I should’ve grabbed some booze from the bar in my study and brought it with me.

“... I came in this morning and turned on the computer and there it was!  All the data we’ve been unable to access for the past five weeks....”

Of course, it wouldn’t be practical to walk around with one of those heavy decanters all the time.

“... all of our numbers, just sitting there as if they’d never been lost....”

They must sell alcohol in a variety of sizes.  I’m sure the smallest bottle would be something I could fit in my pocket.

“I didn’t bother calling you since you normally get here shortly after I do.  I knew you’d be so happy....”

A flask?  Is that what those things are called?  Those classy, silver things.  I could get one of those.  A hip flask.  I think Daddy had one.

“... especially after how sad you seemed yesterday....”

I wonder if certain spirits have a more pronounced smell?  Naturally I don’t want to walk around stinking of booze all the time.  Viv would know about the malodorous properties of the different liquors—although I’ll have to ask her in such a way that she won’t suspect anything.  And then I’ll have to get some—

“Mr. Bolt?  Mr. Bolt?” Beth interjected.


“I was just telling you which payments I made and what I think we should do next in order to get Bolt Fasteners back to a position of stability.”  Beth was so eager and excited, her blue eyes glowed.  “What do you think?”

Steel paused for a second, his brain still commandeered by thoughts of booze.  Suddenly he said, “I think this calls for a celebration.”  He pulled out his wallet and handed Beth a wad of bills.  “Miss Breath, why don’t you go out and buy us several large bottles of some good champagne.”

Beth looked at the money suspiciously.  “But Mr. Bolt, you don’t drink.”

“Oh, I know, I know, I just want to have a little champagne to celebrate the rebirth of our company.”

“But you don’t drink.  You never have,” Beth asserted.

“Well, if ever there was a time to start, this is it,” Steel replied.  Then he took her by the shoulders and moved her toward the elevator in an effort to induce her to go buy some damn champagne.

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