Episode 113: Winner Of The Unprestigious “Least Surprising Development In Crescendo Cove” Award

“How are they?” Chastity Fate asked.

“Sleeping like angels,” answered Charity Hope, in reference to Chastity’s eight-month-old boy and her own four-month-old son.

“Excellent,” said Chastity.  Then brightly she added, “Look what I got for us,” pulling a bottle of red wine from a gift bag and setting it on the coffee table.  She patted the seat beside her on the couch.  “Come join me.”

Charity accepted the invitation and a glass of wine the same wordless way she accepts everything Chastity tells her to do.  

Charity simply cannot deny her best friend and housemate.  A perfect example is the way Charity stifled her astonishment when Chastity christened her child “Lightning Bolt”.  (It should be noted that the one stipulation Steel put on his financial backing of the two women was that their children be raised with the surname Bolt.)  Charity thought, What a ridiculous name! but uttered not a word.  Then when Chastity suggested an even more preposterous name—Thunder—for Charity’s little boy, the latter signed the papers without a word.

Perhaps because of this dominant-submissive dynamic (or maybe because the alcohol lowered her inhibitions), Charity did not back away as Chastity edged closer to her on the couch.  She didn’t move even when their thighs came into contact.  Nor did Charity recoil when Chastity stroked her hair, told her she was very beautiful, and caressed her neck in a suggestive way.  And she reacted compliantly when Chastity leaned forward, brought their lips into contact, then insinuated her tongue into her mouth.  Eventually Charity went so far as to reciprocate—because she sensed that’s what Chastity wanted.  

Charity had never kissed a girl before, but she found she didn’t mind it.  This, she knew, was mostly owing to the fact she hadn’t had any physical contact with another human being since that last day in Daedalus’s bedroom—which is far too long for a creature as highly sexually charged as Charity.

She actually enjoyed it when Chastity’s hand made its way under her shirt and into her bra.  And she found herself scooching her pelvis forward to allow for better access when Chastity’s other hand fondled its way into her panties.

She had absolutely no objections when Chastity broke their embrace and said with a pant, “Let’s go up to my bedroom.”

So there you have it: Chastity Fate and Charity Hope rolling around naked in Chastity’s bed, so intertwined one would be hard-pressed to determine where Chastity ends and Charity begins.  

Looks like the start of yet another beautiful relationship in Crescendo Cove.

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