Episode 114: A Sexual Revelation is Alive and Well

The Person It’s Directed at Seems a Harder Sell

Chastity Fate ran her fingers through the hair of the head that rested on her naked chest.  “Had you ever been with a woman before?”

“No,” answered Charity Hope.  “You?”

“No.  But I realize now I always wanted to be.  It’s what I am.”

“Really?” Charity asked.  She’d enjoyed herself—just as she enjoys any activity that provokes orgasms—but she certainly didn’t consider her life altered.

“Yes.  I think part of the reason I did so much charity work back when I was married to Steel is that I needed something to occupy my time, to keep from thinking about it.  And when I was Trixie, I drank and took drugs and had indiscriminate sex with men because, even then, I was denying my true sexual identity.”


“To tell you the truth, tonight was no accident.  I’ve been planning it for months.  I seduced you, Charity.  Do you hate me for it?”


“Good.  Because I guess it’s time I told you that I love you and plan on spending the rest of my life with you.  Like this, as lovers.  What do you think?”


“You enjoyed it, didn’t you?”


“So you’re happy about this?”

“I guess.”

Chastity gave Charity a warm, possessive hug.  “Good.”  Then with a lascivious lilt to her voice she added, “You know what I never thought about before and is completely awesome?”


“When you’re having sex with a man, his orgasm signifies the end of—or at least a break from—the lovemaking.  But when it’s two women you can go on and on and on forever.  Isn’t that beautiful?”

Unless the man is Daedalus Bolt, Charity thought, although aloud she said, “Yes, that’s lovely.”

“Come on,” Chastity said, rolling on top of Charity, “let’s do it some more.”

She brushed Charity’s hair from her face, then kissed her lips, her cheeks, her ears and her neck.  

Charity gripped the bed sheets as Chastity’s kisses made their way down her stomach. 

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