Episode 117: Don’t Even Bother Being a Father

It’s a Good Way To Stun Your Son

When Viv roused from her swoon, it was Beth Breath’s face she saw.

“Are you all right, Ms Bolt?”

“What?  Yes, I’m fine,” said Viv, her eyes fixating on Benson Benoit, her erstwhile butler and seducer.  “Wh-what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here?  Where else would I be on the day that represents the culmination of decades of toiling, plotting and planning?  I am here to witness the signature that will finally bring Bolt Fasteners into my hands!”

Your hands?”

“Indubitably.  You didn’t really think your stable-boy boyfriend was capable of engineering this takeover, did you?  You must’ve known someone else was behind it.  And based on the brilliance, finesse and duplicity required, I should think you could’ve only concluded it was me.”  Benson Benoit was genuinely hurt that now two Bolts had been shocked to discover his involvement in their downfall.  

Viv looked at Burl Hard.  The shame-filled expression on his face said it all: He was a simple, trusting man who had fallen under the spell of this misanthropic, evil creature.  Suddenly more things came into focus for Viv.  “You never loved me at all, did you?” she said to Benoit.  “You seduced and impregnated me in an effort to infiltrate our family and ultimately take over my daddy’s company.” 

“That was my prime motivation, I confess.  But there are few things in life I enjoy more than breaking in young virgins.  As I recall, you were quite an eager, compliant, enthusiastic pupil.  Does this ring a bell?  ‘That’s it, relax your throat, take it all,’” Benson Benoit laughed.

Viv covered her gaping mouth with her hands.  “To think I actually convinced myself I loved you!  I wallowed in bitterness for twenty years because my father sent you away.”

“Well, you had a right to be upset: You probably never got screwed that well again.”  He patted Burl on the shoulder.  “I’m sure my young protégé here aimed to please, but there’s only so much you can do with a Caucasian’s sense of rhythm.  I assume your current domestic situation is an attempt to replicate the bliss you experienced in my arms,” Benson said, looking past Viv at Norbert.

Viveka had forgotten about her boyfriend.  She whirled around and saw that his normally chocolate skin was a sickly, ashen grey.  His normally soft features were hardened into a pain-filled grimace.  His normally kind, friendly eyes were awash in revulsion and disbelief.  All of this owing, of course, to the fact he was looking at his father for the first time in his life.

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