Episode 14: In Which Steel Is Hard

Steel Bolt stepped through the doors of Chez Pussy into a world completely foreign to him.  If you need proof, look no further than the fact that he waited several minutes for a maitre d’ before finally taking the initiative and seating himself at a table near the back of the room. 

(Before coming he’d been worried that townspeople would recognize him and spread stories about his lack of virtue.  But then he realized the importance of finding his beloved wife far outweighed any potential for embarrassment.)

Steel deduced that the focal point of the room was meant to be the stage, so he looked in that direction and watched as naked brunette writhed around.  When she rolled onto her front and thrust her posterior up and down, the gentlemen positioned directly around the stage whooped and howled.  (Steel remembered a group from high school sneaking into a strip joint a few towns over and reporting back that this area was known as “Pervert’s Row” or “Sniffer’s Row.”  Now he understood why.) 

The girl turned over and sat up with her legs apart, her hands idly pinching the rosy ends of her breasts.  Her wandering gaze eventually found Steel Bolt.  She smiled at him.  Steel, unsure as to proper protocol, nodded back.  One of her hands strayed southward to another part of her body.

My goodness, Steel thought as her fingers cleaved labial flesh, no one but her gynaecologist should be so well acquainted with her anatomy.  The entire time she revealed herself in this manner, the girl stared at Steel Bolt, her mouth wide open and her long tongue licking her thick lips.  Steel could feel himself flushing; he wasn’t sure if it was out of sympathy or disgust.  He was certain it had nothing to do with the stirring of his erectile tissue. 

And then the music stopped.  The girl abruptly stood, scooped her clothes into her arms and walked off the stage.  As she did, a booming voice from seemingly nowhere entreated the men to “GIVE A NICE ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THE LOVELY GINGER-AMBERLYNN.  COME ON GUYS, LET’S HEAR IT!” 

Steel clapped obediently, all the while feeling sorry for the girl since she was so clearly in love with him.  She must be.  Why else would she have performed that most intimate of acts for my benefit?  Especially in front of all these people?  I suppose I’ll have to get Daedalus to tell her there’s no future for her and me.  I hope she’s not too devastated. 

Steel couldn’t see his brother, but he knew exactly where he was.  A crowd of girls sat in a semi-circle around the end of the bar (judging by their outfits, they were waiting their turns to go on stage), and in the middle was Daedalus Bolt.  Steel knew he was there because the girls were giggling and flirting the way girls always do when Daedalus is around. 

Steel wasn’t about to go over there and greet his brother, and he trusted that Daedalus possessed enough sense not to come talk to him. 

It is fair to say that Steel had been so distracted by the ambiance of Chez Pussy, by the crush Ginger-Amberlynn had on him, and by his brother’s whereabouts that he forgot for a moment why he’d come.  He remembered the instant every hair on his body prickled to attention.  She was near; he could sense it. 

And so, when a female voice asked, “Can I get you something to drink?” Steel Bolt was not at all surprised to turn and find himself face-to-face with his wife.

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