Episode 18: Complicated Contemplations of Love

Daedalus Bolt was sitting at the bar at Chez Pussy when Trixie Testosterone came up behind him and slid her arms around his waist.  “I just have to take the garbage out, then we can go,” she whispered.

“Okay, dear.”

In preparation for departure, Daedalus swallowed all the scotch that remained in his glass.  

Perhaps due to the infusion of alcohol (and despite all attempts to avoid such thoughts), he found himself contemplating just how weird his life had become.  The disturbing truth is this: Every night for the past two weeks, Daedalus Bolt has gone back to Trixie Testosterone’s apartment where the two of them engage in dangerously licentious behaviour, including, but not limited to, illicit drug use, excessive drinking, and boisterous, no-holes-barred sexual activity.

And yet he’d be lying if he said it was just those things drawing him to her.  Now he hasn’t felt this way about anyone in a long time so there’s really no way of knowing for sure, but he thinks he might actually be in love.  And every time he thinks it, he cringes.  What do people who are in love do?  They decide to spend the rest of their lives together.  I could just see it: “Steel, you’re my brother and I appreciate all you’ve done for me over the years.  I hope you won’t be bothered that I’m going to marry the woman who used to be your wife.”  Yeah, that’d go over well. 

But, just like every other time he’s had this conversation in his head, Daedalus countered with the argument that perhaps Steel won’t mind because the woman he married was Chastity Fate.  The woman I’m in love with inhabits Chastity’s body, but she’s clearly a different person.  Even Daedalus didn’t buy that one. Oh, why does my life have to be so fucking complicated?

Trixie, on the other hand, could not have been happier.  Her bliss is exemplified by the way she skips across the parking lot, a bag of garbage in each hand. 

Since beginning the quest to discover her lost identity, she thought learning the truth was the only way she would be happy.  It never occurred to her that she could find contentment within her new persona.  But all it took was acceptance.  Well that and the love of a good man.

It certainly is true that she loves Daedalus, and not only because he performs like a Greek god in bed every night.  She also loves him because he’s kind, modest, charming, understanding, willing to listen, funny, and gallant in his own drunken, dishevelled way. 

After their first night together, she felt something stir within her.  The next day she couldn’t stop smiling, and she was friendlier than she had ever been at work.  But that evening, around 10:30, her mood began to deteriorate.  What if he doesn’t come in tonight? she panicked.  What if I freaked him out and he never wants to see me again? 

Her mood skyrocketed when he finally came through the door.  She couldn’t keep from running over to him; and she was thrilled that he didn’t treat her like she had some horrific communicable disease, as guys often do after they’ve thrown one into you.  And after the sex that night, Trixie was even happier.

And tonight, she thought, I’ll be happier still! 

Yes, Trixie was so exuberant she didn’t even notice the black Cadillac idling quietly by the garbage dumpster.  Not that if she had, she would have been able to prevent the two men who sprang out the back doors from putting a canvas bag over her head and forcing her into the car before driving away.


Even after Trixie had been gone a half-hour, Daedalus Bolt did not panic.  He didn’t even bother twisting his ring.  Instead he went behind the bar and poured himself another scotch.  He’d been expecting this for awhile.  He was pretty sure he knew where Trixie was.  And that she'd be safe.

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