Episode 19: A Homecoming, Sort Of

After a five-minute drive, Trixie Testosterone was hustled out of the car, through a doorway, down a hall, then placed in a chair.  She heard some murmuring behind her before an authoritative voice said, “Okay, take the bag off.”

When her blindfold was removed, she found herself face-to-face with Steel Bolt.  “I’m awfully sorry about the treatment, honey, but I figured it was the only way to get you here.  Welcome home, Chastity.”

Trixie glanced around.  She was in a warmly lit, panelled study.  In addition to Steel, there were four other men in the room.  (Had Trixie been able to remember the time she spent as Chastity Bolt, she might have recognized the short, thick, bald one as Dante Inferno—then again maybe not; she’d seen him only once or twice.)

“Aw, it’s exactly as I’d hoped,” said Steel, misinterpreting her reason for looking around the room (she was actually doing it to determine the odds of fighting her way out).  “I thought bringing you here and exposing you to your former environs would trigger your memory.  Tell me you remember, Chastity, please,” he implored.

“Fuck off.”

“Oh my,” he said grimly, “that's quite the gutter mouth you've developed.  But, nothing to worry about.  I’m sure once you recall the fine, upstanding person you were, you’ll put all that behind you.  Now then, in the hopes of facilitating the recovery of your memory, the rest of us are going to leave you and Dr. Schadenfreude alone for awhile.  Doctor.” 

A tall, thin man with wild, grey hair emerged from the corner as the others left the room.  “Now, Chastity, vhat vee must do is reassociate zee hippocampus portion of your bwain with zee perzon you uzed to be,” he said.

And for the next several hours, that’s what the mad scientist tried to do. 

He started with pictures of Chastity Bolt.  Trixie readily admitted that the woman looked exactly like her, but she had no recollection of the photos being taken. 

So then he barraged her with props from Chastity’s past.  Favourite dresses were produced, letters she had written were read aloud, the perfume she used to wear was wafted under her nose, she was even given samples of Chastity’s favourite foods to eat.  Alas for Dr. Schadenfreude, Trixie Testosterone’s memory banks were empty.

Eventually, visibly frustrated, Schadenfreude left the room.  Trixie could hear the men talking on the other side of the door.  At first the sound was low, but then voices began to rise.  “There’s nossing I can do!  She really has no idea who she vas.”

“Damn it, Schadenfreude, you assured me this would work!”  Steel came through the door, leaned over and grabbed the arms of Trixie’s chair.  “Please, Chastity, you’ve got to remember.  It’s me, Steel.  We were madly in love.  We were married.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember.  And I’m convinced it would be in everyone’s best interest if you would accept that,” she said calmly.

“Never!” Steel Bolt shouted, slapping the armrests before straightening up.  “You were my wife and you always will be.  Until you remember, I’m afraid I will be forced to keep you here.”

“What, like a prisoner?”

“It’s for your own good.”

“I don’t think so.”

“At this point, what you think is irrelevant.”

“Daedalus told me what a control freak you could be, but I never thought it would extend to imprisoning people.”

“You and my brother having been talking about me?” said Steel as if there were reason to be encouraged by this information.

Trixie wanted to disabuse him of that misapprehension immediately: “Yeah, we’ve discussed you.  We have to do something every night after we’ve finished fucking.”  She’d figured that saying it would have some kind of effect, but she did not anticipate what happened next. 

Steel Bolt’s face went completely white, his expression one of utter bereavement.  “You’ve been … sleeping with Daedalus?” he said. 

Trixie Testosterone is not an unfeeling creature—she found it difficult to remain insolent when the person in front of her was so profoundly hurt—but she still managed to say, “Well, it’s hard to sleep with all that sex going on.”

Steel’s emotions shifted again.  “Well then, I want you out of my house.  When you do recover your memory and you recall how happy we once were, don’t bother coming back.  I don’t want to lay eyes on you ever again.  Ever!”          

With that Steel Bolt stormed out of the room and Trixie Testosterone was free to leave.

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