Episode 20: A Dissolute Duo

At about the same time Trixie Testosterone was being kidnapped, Viveka Bolt-Vandermere sat at a table by herself in the bar of The Inn Continental, the swankiest of all the hotels in Crescendo Cove. 

It’s been awhile since Viveka put on a sexy designer dress, drank her way to complete oblivion and ended up having anonymous sex with some traveller--but before she had Burl Hard satisfying her needs, it was standard practice for her.  (Like her brother Daedalus, Viveka has a voracious sexual appetite.)

On this night, however, Viveka was having no luck in the man department.  She’d been remarkably successful in getting drunk, but it was nearly closing time and the only male she’d spoken to was the waiter, Guy Laflamme.  “I haven’t seen you around lately Mrs. Bolt-Vandermere,” he’d said when he first served her.  “What a stunning dress.  Chanel?”

“Versace,” she answered flatly.

“Well, it’s to die for.  Vodka martini?”


When he brought Viveka her drink, Guy (Crescendo Cove’s most ubiquitous waiter) made sure to ask after Daedalus Bolt.  Ever since high school, he’s had a more than passing interest in Daedalus....

Five minutes after last call, Viveka was still sitting alone.  She was just about to start crying tears of self-pity when a lean, blond haired man in his mid-twenties came rushing through the door.  Seeing no one else in the room, he ran to Viv's table.  “Is it past last call?” he asked with a pant.

“It is.”

“Aww crap,” the man moaned. 

“You need a drink that badly?”

“I do,” he admitted reluctantly.

“Sit down.  Guy, get over here.”

The waiter flitted over.  “Yes, Mrs. Bolt-Vandermere?”

“My friend here requires some alcohol.  Put it on my tab.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s after last call,” Guy said, addressing the gentleman.

Guy,” Viv whispered through pursed lips.

“What would you like, sir?”

“Could I get a vodka martini?”


“A double?”


“A triple?”

Guy looked at him uneasily.  By law he wasn’t supposed to serve more than doubles.  Mrs. Bolt-Vandermere got triples because he was scared that some day she would unleash her legendary wrath on him.  Seeing as this gentleman was her friend, Guy said, “I suppose I can make you a triple.”

“A quadruple?” the man asked eagerly.

“Sorry, I don’t make those even for her,” said Guy before scurrying away, happy to escape the profligate pair.

“Thank you very much for doing that.  My name is Hugh Rection,” the man said, extending his hand to Viveka.

The moment she took it, as soon as their skin came into contact, a spark passed through her body.  It made her hair tingle, her toes curl and her womb hum.  Suddenly Viveka was no longer on the verge of tears.  A sense of tranquillity washed over her—she was certain that this man was going give her the completion she’d been seeking her entire life. 

And Hugh knew it too.  As soon as her hand caressed his, he knew that his reasons for being a dissolute vagabond were behind him.  He couldn’t put his finger on why, yet he knew this woman embodied whatever it was he’d been searching for.

Viveka struggled to draw a breath.  When she was finally able to speak she said, “Pleasure to meet you Hugh.  My name’s Viveka ... So, are you staying in this hotel?”

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