Episode 21: In Which Another Bolt Gets Screwed

Hugh Rection and Viveka Bolt-Vandermere sat at their table for hours after the bar closed.  Interestingly though, that entire time they forced Guy Laflamme to get them more alcohol only twice.  Normally each of the dissolute duo is good for ten drinks in such a timespan. But tonight something was different—and both knew it.

What did they talk about?  Well, she started by telling him all about her most recent, tragic heartbreak.  And yet, as she spoke, she found herself strangely uninterested in the story of her stable-boy boyfriend who inherited a billion dollars and promptly fled.

So then she tried to complain about the younger brother who controls every facet of her life.  But for perhaps the first time ever, she understood Steel’s motivation.  She went so far as to say, “Of course, I realize he’s doing it for my own good.”

Hugh, in turn, told her about how he’d been alone his entire life—that since his early teens he’s been wandering the world, stopping in every port, toiling at virtually every job known to man.  And yet when he talked to Viv, he didn’t feel alone at all.  So then he decided to be remarkably frank about his problems with addiction.  He confessed to being, at various points in his life, an alcoholic, a drug addict (both illicit and prescription), a choc-aholic, a sex addict, a sleep addict, a nicotine addict and a workaholic.  But as he made his confession, not once did he crave the things he was describing.

They also took time between episodes of soul baring to ask innocuous questions:  “What’s your middle name?”


“Gerald,” she giggled, “that’s a funny name, Hugh.”

Finally, they decided to forsake the bar.  Guy Laflamme was relieved because he’d finished his closing duties ages ago and had just been sitting there, too scared of Mrs. Bolt-Vandermere to kick them out.  But as he watched them leave, he wasn’t angry; rather, he took the time to admire the aesthetics of the couple.  I’d sure like to turn that one around, he thought to himself.

The pair went back to Hugh’s room with no doubt as to what would happen.  In the scant hours since they’d met, they’d gotten to know each other profoundly—and making love, both assumed, was the next logical step.

As it was taking place, however, they found it peculiar:

Viveka felt strangely self-conscious having Hugh watch her undress.  Normally, she relishes the man’s hungry eyes.  More than anything, she loves the moment when she reveals her immense, impeccably-shaped, still-taut tits.  On this night however, after she’d removed her black lace bra, she found herself folding her arms demurely across her chest.  Maybe this is happening too fast? she thought.

When she came over to the bed and lay beside him, they kissed very few times.  Hugh moved almost immediately to her neck (where he performed perfunctorily, at best) and then to her breasts.  Being a sex addict, Hugh has any number of techniques for stimulating a nice pair of boobs.  In this case though, he didn’t stroke, caress or lick them at all.  No, he went straight to the nipple and he sucked.  He sucked until he could sense that he’d made it too tender, then he switched sides.

When he finally put himself inside her, he found it difficult to look at her face.  He preferred instead to focus, again, on her breasts.  He watched them rock back and forth, in sync with his thrusts.

And she, despite receiving the standard sensations, knew something wasn't right. She sensed it even as she shuddered with orgasm.

When, moments later, she felt the squirt of his climax deep inside her and he collapsed on her chest, she stroked the back of his head and said reassuringly, “There, there, baby.  There, there.”

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