Episode 30: Dreams, Schemes and Screams/Then an Enemy Returns, it Seems

Daedalus Bolt rolled over and looked at the clock.  The red lights gleamed 5:30 and the little AM indicator shone as well.  He sighed.  He didn’t feel like getting out of bed and rushing back to stately Bolt Manor for breakfast.  He toyed with idea of not going: Steel’s been in such a good mood since he got married, maybe he won’t care?  For the past three weeks all he’s done is stare at his wife anyway; I bet he wouldn’t even notice if I didn’t show up.

But then Daedalus thought about it some more: Heaven forbid I be the one to turn him back into the snarling cuss he was before she came along.  He’s been much more agreeable of late.  

And keeping Steel agreeable was a priority for Daedalus.  He had specific reasons for not wanting to provoke his brother and, after propping himself up on one elbow, he examined the chief amongst them.  There it lay in the form of Trixie Testosterone.  The two of them had decided that soon Daedalus would approach Steel and ask if he would mind if they got married.  Obviously, living at stately Bolt Manor would be out of the question, so Daedalus further intended to request a sum of money sizable enough to allow him and Trixie to buy a modest house of their own.  Oh, and to never have to worry about working again.  It seemed like a reasonable proposition to the two of them, but still Daedalus was wary.  Who knew how Steel would react?

Daedalus exhaled again, annoyed that he was on the side of the bed against the wall.  It meant he had to crawl over his beloved in order to leave and he so hated to wake her when she was sleeping.  

He’d extricated himself from the sheets and almost managed to slide overtop of Trixie when gravity seized his immense member and it thudded against her thigh.  

She muttered something and rustled beneath the sheets, but he thought he’d gotten away with it—until a few moments later when she screamed a scream so loud and piercing that Daedalus jumped clear out of the pants he’d been putting on.  He whirled around and saw her sitting upright.  She was trying to talk, but all she could do was gasp.  “Wha ... Wha ... Wha ...”

“What is it, honey?” Daedalus asked anxiously.

“Wha ... Wha ... Wha ... What are you doing?”

“I have to go home for breakfast, you know that.”

“No!  What are you doing here?” she demanded, terror in her eyes.

He moved toward her, provoking another shriek.  And then she screamed louder still when she saw his penis swaying unconstrained.  She pulled the sheets up to her chin and buried that chin in her chest.

Daedalus grasped her by the arms.  “Honey, what is it?  What’s wrong?” he asked.

She whimpered in response.

He looked at her pleadingly—until, suddenly, the whimper triggered a revelation.  That's not a sound my Trixie would make.   

Now it was Daedalus’s turn to gasp.  He stepped back and stared at her with wonder.  A single word, muttered lowly and weighted with shock, escaped his lips: “Chastity?”

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