Episode 33: Blow the Man Down

Steel Bolt was working late in his study at stately Bolt Manor when a knock on the door disrupted his concentration.  “Come in, Consuela,” he said, assuming it was the head housekeeper come to complain about something.  He kept his head down, waiting for her to babble inanities about insufficient cleaning supplies or how the new sous chef wasn't working out.  When she didn’t speak, Steel looked up.  He managed to suppress his astonishment at what he saw.  “Miss Testosterone,” he said calmly, “I thought I told you never to come back here.”

“No Steel, it’s me, Chastity.”

“What?  You’ve recovered your memory?” 

“I wouldn't have known the security code for the front gate otherwise.  Daedalus didn’t tell you about my ... conversion?”

“No.  But I suppose that explains why he’s been on a particularly intense drinking binge for the past week.”

“Yes, that’s pretty much exactly when he found out.”

Steel paused and looked her up and down.  This appraisal made Chastity feel awkward, which is precisely what her ex-husband intended.  He knew something was coming and he needed to be sure he had the upper hand when it did.  “So,” he finally said, “what do you want?”

“What do you think, Steel?  I want you.  I want my old life back.  I want things to return to the way they were.”

“Not possible,” he said coolly.

“Why?” she asked, a tinge of desperation belying her contrived composure. 

“Because I have a new life now.”

“But that night you kidnapped me, you wanted me back then.”

“True.  But that was before I met Charity.  As I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve married her and we’re terrifically happy together.”

“Happier than you and I were?”

He thought about it for a second; “Yes, I can honestly say that I am happier now.  I don’t mean that to be hurtful; it’s simply a fact.”

“But I can make you even happier than before, even happier than you are now.”

“I doubt that.”

“Come on, Steel,” she said with a purr, approaching him, “don’t you remember how great it used to be with us?”  She hadn’t planned on seducing him, but now it seemed her only option.  (It was a rather bizarre course of action too, considering the sex life they’d shared was even more regimented than the one he currently has with Charity.)  

Chastity moved behind Steel’s desk and got on her knees in front of him, licking her lips as she separated his legs.  He watched indifferently, interested only in seeing how far she would go.  “Chastity, stop!” he said after her hands had made their way into his boxer shorts and were searching therein.

Honestly, she was happy he put an end to it.  Not only because the idea of having sex with him (even just oral sex) was repugnant, but also because she was having trouble finding it, which was becoming embarrassing for both of them.  How is it possible that Steel and Daedalus are related?  I guess the same way a blade of grass and a giant redwood are somewhat related.

“Chastity, this behaviour is not worthy of you.  I demand to know what’s causing it.”

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