Episode 41: Enragement Leads to Engagement

When Viveka Bolt-Vandermere walked into Hugh Rection’s apartment, she was clearly a person with something on her mind.  You could tell just by the distracted way she entered and sat on the couch.

Her boyfriend stayed at the sink doing dishes.  

Neither of them spoke for several minutes, until finally his self-pity needed vent: “So, how did the meeting with your ex-boyfriend go?”

“Pardon?” Viveka replied, as if surprised by his voice.

“How did it go?”

“Oh, fine.”

“Does he want you back?” Hugh asked. 


“Is he starting this company so you’ll come running into his arms?”  


Hugh took Viveka’s hesitation as a bad sign.  “If this is going to be the end of us, I wish you’d tell me now.  I don’t think I could bear a prolonged break up.”

“No, darling,” she said quickly, “this isn’t the end of us.”

“So he doesn’t want you back?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that he made some overtures in that regard,” she lied.

“Oh, great,” Hugh grumbled, “some guy with half the money in the world wants you.  How is a lowly chef supposed to compete with that?”

“But Hugh, you have something he doesn’t.”

“Dish pan hands,” he suggested petulantly.

“No, my silly boy, my heart.”

“I wish I could believe that.”

“You can!”

“No, I can’t.  Not by the way you came in here all dreamy-eyed and contemplative.  You had to be thinking about something.”

Viveka wanted to reassure him.  So much so that she almost blurted out that what she’d been thinking about was the fact that Burl didn’t want her.  She didn’t want him either, but she’d assumed his return to Crescendo Cove and the creation of Hard Hinges were all part of a scheme to win her back.  When she discovered that wasn’t the case, she didn’t know why, but she felt strangely disappointed.  

Yes, Viveka almost confessed all of that to Hugh, but then she thought of another way she could reassure him.  “Hugh,” she said quickly, and with the abundant enthusiasm that accompanies a new idea, “let’s get married!”

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