Episode 44: Concerns About Age Provoke Some Rage

Anyone seeing the befuddled look on Hugh Rection’s face as he walked into Steel Bolt’s office would’ve been amused.  Anyone except for Steel Bolt, that is—for he has witnessed more times than he can remember the effect Beth Breath has on people.

In Hugh’s case, he was having the most common of reactions: My god, is it possible those are real? 

He shook his head to clear it of such distractions before approaching Steel’s desk.  

His fiancé’s brother was scribbling notes with one hand while managing a keyboard and a calculator with the other.  He was seemingly oblivious to his visitor’s presence, so Hugh took the initiative, extending his hand and saying, “Ahem, hello, Mr. Bolt.  I am Hugh Rection.”

Steel looked up: “Good lord, Viv didn’t tell me you were a child.”

“I’m not exactly a child, sir.”

“Compared to my sister you are.”

“Granted, there is an age difference, but we don’t feel it’s relevant.”

“How quaint.  Exactly how old are you?”

“I’m 24.”

“Good god.”

“With all due respect sir, I think you’re making too much of this.  Your sister and I are unconditionally compatible.  We also happen to be very much in love, and I can’t see spending my life with anyone but her.”

“Grand pronouncements—for an infant.”

“I am not a child,” Hugh reiterated firmly.

Steel looked him up and down.  “Very well, we’ll put the age issue aside for a moment.  Tell me a bit about your background.  Family?”

“Actually, none.  I was raised in an orphanage in Europe.  I got out of there when I was barely a teenager, I’ve been travelling the world ever since.  I’ve lived virtually everywhere and worked at practically every job known to man.”


“If you’re worried about my wanderlust, allow me to assure you that it vanished the moment I met your sister.  After we marry, Viv and I plan settle right here in Crescendo Cove.”

“I see.  Which of mankind’s toils currently occupies you?”

“I’m working as a chef at Tequila Mockingbird.”

“Good job?”

“Yes, I enjoy it.  And I’ve already been promoted twice.”

“Is that right?  Congratulations.”  At this point Steel leaned forward and looked directly into Hugh’s eyes, directly into his soul.  “Tell me again, Mr. Rection, that you love my sister.”

“Oh I do, sir, I love her more than anything.  From the moment I first saw her I knew she was what I’d been looking for my entire life.”

“Your brief life.” 

“My brief but remarkably experienced-filled life,” Hugh countered.

“Hmm, I suppose you're right that the experience of living lends more to a person than the simple accumulation of years.”  Realizing that he was perhaps agreeing with his potential brother-in-law too hastily, he added, “I assume you will sign any prenuptial agreement my lawyers draft?”

“Yes sir.”

“Very well.  You can leave now.  I will make my feelings known to you via my sister.  Good day.”

“Thank you, sir,” Hugh answered as he backed out of Steel’s office.

When he was gone Steel grabbed a memo pad and wrote, “Call Dante re: a background check on Hugh Rection.”  Then he threw the pad aside and resumed work on that cursed Japanese contract.

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