Episode 47: In Which an Attempted Rape Occurs

Charity Bolt rolled over in bed, looked at her husband and sighed a sigh of desperation.  

It was Friday morning, the start of the worst day of Charity’s week.  That’s because—in keeping with Steel’s Intercourse Schedule—she had been made love to on Wednesday, two days ago, but she wouldn’t be penetrated again (by any animate object at least) until Sunday, two days away.  Fridays were maddening.

She looked at the clock.  It was 5:57; the alarm would go off at 6:00.  

I can’t take this anymore, she thought to herself.  What if ... ?  What if I don’t have to?  If I could just keep him from waking.

With that in mind, she quickly straddled her husband, reached into his pyjamas and endeavoured to insinuate him before he became aware of what was happening.  Of course, owing to his flaccidity, it was a ridiculous endeavour—until her slickness and stroking began to pay off.  She could feel him growing, yet he hadn’t woken up.  

She was so excited she pulled her silk nightgown over her head and began her efforts anew.  Why didn’t I think of this ages ago?

Imagine Steel’s surprise upon waking and seeing his naked wife atop him trying to jam his semi-erect penis inside her, a sex-crazed look on her face.  “Good lord, honey, get off me,” he demanded.   

“No, no,” she insisted with a shimmy, “just one more minute.”

She was so diminutive he was able to whisk her away with a sweep of his hand.  

She landed on the mattress, one hand pinching a nipple, the other furiously rubbing her swollen clitoris.

Steel slapped her hands away.  “What has gotten into you, young lady?” 

“I, I, I don’t know, Steel—I simply have to have it more!” Charity said, astonished at her own audacity.  The frequency of their lovemaking was a subject she hadn’t dared broach since the first night they did it.

“Just because you feel you need more sexual activity makes it alright for you to force yourself upon me?  Tell me, does it?”

“No,” she answered feebly.

“Of course it doesn’t.  We are mature adults.  We discuss our issues in a sensible, rational way.  What we don’t do is give in to primal instincts and try to molest the other person whenever the feeling overtakes us.  Especially when it’s light outside.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I have told you my feelings about those who can’t control their sex drives, but I will reiterate since it seems necessary: Those people are sick and perverted.”

“I know.”

“I enjoy sex as much as the next person.  In fact, often I very much look forward to Wednesdays and Sundays.  But I refuse to give in to carnal desire and allow myself to become a rutting pig.  Do you understand?”


“Good.  Now I don’t have time to discuss this further.  I have a full day of work ahead of me as well as many things to take care of before Viveka’s wedding tomorrow.  I suggest you get ready for breakfast.”  

“Yes, Steel.”

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