Episode 48: Mourning Morning

Surviving the first few hours of the day is always difficult for Charity Bolt (after Steel has gone to work, she usually returns to their bedroom and indulges her passions several times before resigning herself to her situation and settling in for another interminable day), but this morning was even worse.  That’s because her rash attempt to seduce her husband had failed and, even more damaging, he’d rebuked her so strongly she now knew the situation would never change.  

She was lying on their bed breathing heavily.  For some reason her fingers and hairbrush were proving incapable of bringing her to climax.  Desperately frustrated, she jumped up and raced out the door, going where she did not know.

She found herself pacing the hallway outside their bedroom.  She walked from one end to the other at such a speed that her white silk robe billowed behind her.   

Got to be some solution to this problem, she thought over and over again, there’s got to be some way to get what I need.

Alas, her mind could not come up with a plausible solution.  My libido isn’t about to wane any more than Steel’s is going to wax.  And he seems completely unwilling to—

Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks.  Words were ringing in her ears—words Steel had spoken on their wedding night.  At the time she barely noted them; now they were all she could think of: “If you wanted someone with an immense sex drive,” Steel had said, “you should have married my brother Daedalus.”

Ironically, at the moment those words precluded Charity from taking another step she was standing right outside Daedalus’s door.  (As usual, he had gone to bed, off to recover from yet another epic battle with the Demon Alcohol, immediately after Steel left for work.)

Charity was unsure what to do.  She looked up and down the hallway.  There wasn't a soul around.  She reached her tiny hand out for the doorknob.  It was unlocked.  

She stepped back from it fearfully.  This is absurd.  There’s no way I could go through with this, she thought.  

But then she looked down and realized that her left hand had the hem of her nightgown bunched up at her waist, while her right hand had made its way to its favourite place.

She dropped the nightgown, looked around quickly and slipped inside Daedalus’s room.

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