Episode 49: Charity Embraces a New Friend

Charity Bolt tiptoed toward her brother-in-law’s bed.

Its occupant lay sprawled out on his back, arms and legs askew, a single sheet covering his body from the waist down.  At first she thought he might be dead, but when she got close enough she could see that his bare chest rose and fell ever so slightly.

Charity’s own breathing became tremulous, her legs quaked, and she suddenly felt an overwhelming need to pee.  

Yes, it would be fair to say that most of her wanted to flee.  But another part, the stronger part, couldn’t bring herself to leave.    

With some hesitation she reached her tiny hand out for the top of the sheet.  Even when she’d grasped it, she wasn’t sure what she would do.

Finally she began to pull it back, her heartbeat pounding in her ears.  

Once the sheet was retracted enough that Daedalus’s most impressive, most relevant anatomical feature came into view, Charity gasped.  It was like nothing she’d ever seen before.  Well, she only had Steel’s as a comparison, but this one was certainly not like his.  Steel’s was small, inconsequential, verging on pitiful.  But this—this was a thing of a beauty.  Long and thick—easily thicker than her wrist—and perfectly cylindrical.  Veins emerged proudly, implying strength and fitness.  

So intriguing was it that a thought crept into Charity’s head: I think I want to touch it.

Reaching down, she ran her fingers from the base to the tip—flushing in a variety of places when it twitched.  Then, using both hands, she picked it off the thigh upon which it rested (at which point its support system emitted a faint, yet distinguishable groan).  She was thrilled and amazed by the weight of it. 

Soon enough she didn’t have to hold onto it at all—it was more than capable of standing on its own.  Running both hands up and down its length, she marvelled that she couldn’t encircle it with her fingers.

Its majestic stature prompted another thought in Charity’s mind: I think I want to kiss it.

She bent down and pecked her lips tentatively at the head.  Eventually, enthusiasm swelling, she took to flicking it with her tongue, which in turn led to full-scale licks.  Then she endeavoured to fit it into her mouth.  This of course was a ridiculous proposition.  Anyone looking at the two anatomical concerns would’ve been able to tell her that one was not going to fit in the other.  Through sheer determination though, she managed to get the head and an inch or two of shaft into her tiny mouth.  Her jaw ached as a result but still she was pleased.    

It became even stiffer, if such a thing were possible.

That prompted yet another thought from Charity: I want it in me.

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