Episode 51: Beauty, Everywhere You Look Beauty

Crescendo Cove has seen a lot of nice days in its day, but perhaps never a nicer day than the day today.  Just look, the sun is beaming from a cloudless sky and a warm breeze caresses the faces of the guests as they file into the chapel on the grounds of stately Bolt Manor.  What a perfect day for a wedding!

The entire chapel has been renovated to accommodate this affair and it’s been decorated splendidly in honour of the occasion.  Flowers have been flown in from all corners of the earth, no expense has been spared.

The Reverend Lester Izzmore, himself looking regal with his silver hair and black robes, has just emerged from the chapel’s vestibule and taken his place at the altar.  He nods to the organist in the loft at the back of the chapel and instantly a majestic flourish fills the room.  With that, groom Hugh Gerald Rection steps in through the side door and takes his place in front of Reverend Izzmore.  He is followed by his best man, a friend from work named Warren Pease.  They turn and face the back of the chapel, focussing their gazes on the spot from which Hugh’s beloved will start the march that will end with the two of them eternally and inextricably linked.

Hugh looks nervous, but that’s to be expected on one’s wedding day—no matter how much you love the person you’re about to marry.

The organist switches to the traditional wedding march.  In response, the entire congregation stands and looks to the back of the chapel.  They lean forward and crane their necks, eager to get the best view of the bride.  Before she emerges, her Maid of Honour Consuela comes down the aisle.  Everyone in attendance thinks it’s delightful that Viveka has bestowed this distinction upon her housekeeper.  It shows that she’s above class-consciousness, that she’s real people.

Consuela, it must be said, looks lovely.  Normally she’s such a whirlwind around stately Bolt Manor, one doesn’t get a chance to admire her graceful figure, her dark hair, and blackish eyes.

Finally Viv appears on the arm of her youngest brother—who looks extraordinarily handsome in his tuxedo (although the only eyes on him belong to Beth Breath; she accepted her invitation to the wedding much to the surprise of most people).  Today everyone has come to see the bride.  And the moment they do, all females older than Viv are sick with envy; all of those who are younger say a silent prayer that they’ll look as good as she does when they’re her age; and all of the men—even those married 50 years, some who haven’t had an adulterous thought in their lives, some who haven’t had a sexual thought in decades—look at her hungrily.  

Yes, Viveka has been dieting and exercising in preparation for this moment, and it has paid off.  The simple, tasteful gown she’s wearing (one that is appropriate for a woman her age getting married for the second time) hugs her shapely arms and shoulders, then swoops across her chest, offering a tantalizing glimpse of her ample bosom.  The dress tapers down to her thin waist and flares out over her curvaceous hips.  Happiness is radiating from her gorgeous green eyes, from her flushed cheeks, from her long, smooth neck, indeed from each of her elegant body parts.

Steel accompanies her down the aisle then passes her to Hugh in what all in attendance feel is an archaic gesture.  

Yes, what a perfect day for a wedding.  Surely nothing could go wrong.

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