Episode 56: Starring Viveka Bolt as “The Intimidator!”

“What would you like?”

“Vodka martini.  A triple.”

“We don’t make a lot of martinis in here and by law we’re not allowed to serve anything stronger than doubles,” the bartender answered.  He didn’t really want Viveka to leave, but part of him could tell that no good would come from her presence. 

Viv glared at him for ten seconds before whispering—through gritted teeth and pursed lips, “Make-me the-fucking-drink.”

In his years of service at Chez Pussy, Isaac the bartender had never once felt intimidated.  He didn’t feel intimidated the time he had to cut off a 350-pound biker called Behemoth who’d just gotten out of prison.  Didn’t feel intimidated the night gun-toting desperados stormed in at closing time and robbed the place.  Doesn’t feel intimidated by the strippers who hit on him night after night, just because they know he’s married and they think it would be a kick to be the one to get him to break his vows.  Never felt intimidated until Viveka Bolt came in and stared at him and told him to make her a fucking drink.  Isaac could actually feel his testicles ascending as he backed away.

When he finished mixing the martini, a triple, he sheepishly placed it in front of Viveka and said, “This one’s on the house.”

“Thanks,” she replied dryly.  

Isaac misconstrued the tone; he thought maybe she was flirting.  He found himself thinking he’d give anything for one night with this sexy woman.

He continued to stare at her until she said, “Go-away.”

And so he did, leaving Viveka to gaze at her glass and wrestle with her demons: You shouldn’t drink this.  What has happened is preposterously awful, but don’t throw away all the progress you’ve made because of it.  You’re stronger than that.  

She rotated the glass on the bar.  She knew she shouldn’t drink it.  But then she thought about her boyfriend, her lover, her fiancé, and her son and the fact they were all the same person and she thought, Fuck it, and brought the glass up to her lips.

She was about to swallow the whole thing in one gulp when a hand reached out and grasped her wrist.  “Don’t do it.”

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