Episode 59: From Sinners to Winners

The fallout from Hugh and Viveka’s failed wedding was perhaps not what you would have expected.  It certainly wasn’t what the majority of Crescendo Cove’s residents expected.

Most of them—Steel especially—had anticipated the inevitable decline of Viveka.  They thought for sure she would fall back into the bottle and revert to her licentious ways, until cirrhosis of the liver or some other horrible (possibly communicable) disease claimed her.  

But no such thing happened.  

Why is that? you must be wondering.  Is it because Viveka’s stronger than she used to be?  There’s no denying that she is a more stable person—but no one’s that strong.  

Did finding out her son’s identity outweigh the trauma of losing her fiancé and of realizing that she’d been involved in an incestuous relationship?  No, certainly not; especially since she can’t even bring herself to contact Hugh.

The truth is, her resilience can be traced to the relationship she forged over the past two months with one Norbert Oglethorpe.  Yes, the same Norbert Oglethorpe who interrupted the wedding and prevented Viv from taking a drink afterwards.  

That day, he escorted her from Chez Pussy back to his hotel room where they talked and talked and talked for no less than 36 hours.  At first it was just her unburdening herself of her most recent trauma, but somewhere around the 18-hour mark, he too began confessing.  He told her how hard his mother’s recent death had been on him, and how difficult it was growing up not knowing who his father was—and with a mother who bristled every time he asked.  

What finally got them to sleep (he on the couch) was the realization that it was pointless to brood over their problems since most were caused by Benson Benoit who, Viv recognized for the first time and subsequently informed Norbert, was a purely malevolent man.

After waking up in Norbert’s hotel room, Viv went straight to her studio at stately Bolt Manor where she brushed her emotions onto canvas in a truly stunning example of abstract expressionism.  She was so pleased with what she’d created, she wanted to share it with someone.  Well, not just anyone.  She called Norbert and invited him over to have a look.  

Norbert came and absolutely loved it.  So he came back the next day.  And the one after that.  While Viv painted, he’d sit on a stool beside her easel and provide support by listening and talking to her with his soothing, high-pitched voice.

Until the day he scared the bejesus out of her by remarking that he really should be getting home to resume work on his modelling and acting career.  Viv, terrified at the prospect of losing him, came up with the only solution she could think of: “Why don’t you stay in Crescendo Cove for awhile and model for me?  I’d love to paint you.”

The next day when he removed his robe, revealing himself in all of his glorious nakedness, Viveka gasped.  He was just so utterly perfect.  She couldn’t help herself from going over to him, ostensibly to adjust his position on the stool, but when she didn’t move him as much as caress him, he got the point and ended up taking her right there on the floor.  It was some of the best, most passionate, loving sex Viv ever had.

Now when Norbert comes over, sometimes they just talk, while other days they roll around for hours performing a more than adequate impression of love-starved panthers.

Yes, it would be fair to say that Viv has emerged a winner from the whole wedding debacle.

If there has been another winner in the saga of Hugh and Viveka, it is Guy Laflamme.  For he now has living with him, and sharing his bed, one Hugh Gerald Rection, son of Viveka Bolt and nephew of Daedalus.  It thrills Guy to have this connection to the family he’s been obsessed with all these years.  So much so that he ignores the fact that Hugh contributes nothing to the rent, nothing to the upkeep of the apartment, nothing to humanity (unless you consider watching TV and getting roaring drunk every waking hour some sort of benevolent act).  

Guy’s just happy to have his Hugh.

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