Episode 60: Impressed Erotic Prancers And Depressed Exotic Dancers

Charity Bolt poked her head out her bedroom door to check if the coast was clear.  When she saw that it was, she dashed across the hall and slipped into Daedalus’s room.

He pretended to be asleep, until he confirmed it was her.  The instant he did, he sat up and whined, “You’re late.”

“I know.  I’m sorry,” Charity said as she jettisoned her nightgown and leapt into his arms, “Consuela was rearranging the linen closet.” 

He grasped her and crushed her diminutive body against his chest, his hands roaming from the back of her head, down to her pert buttocks and then up again.  “I thought you weren’t coming,” he said.

She mashed her lips against his and held him even tighter, almost crying in her desperation to reassure him: “There, there my sweet love.  You know I’d never abandon you.  I love you.  I need you.  I need this,” she added, reaching down between his legs and grasping his stiffened member.

He groaned as a jolt of bliss passed through his body.

Those of you familiar with the goings-on in Crescendo Cove would probably like an explanation as to the change in the relationship between Charity and Daedalus.  As you wish:

The transformation began the Monday morning after Viv’s disastrous attempt at matrimony.  Daedalus could have put an end to Charity’s obsession with him simply by locking his bedroom door that morning, but he didn’t.  He found himself waiting for her to come to his room after Steel had gone to work.  His rationalization being: That was some of the best sex I’ve ever had.  I’ll try it with her once more, just once more, to see if it was a fluke or not.

When she snuck in that morning and they ground their genitalia together (after a perfunctory protest from him that even she could tell wasn’t sincere), and it was better than the previous times, he thought, Well, I’ll do it with her tomorrow, but that’ll be it.  Yes, one more time ought to satisfy me.

Of course, like all addicts, Daedalus is only fooling himself.  Every morning since, some two months now, Charity has been slipping into his room where they engage in hours of the most boisterous, pinkest lovemaking ever known to man—or the animal kingdom, for that matter.  Every position has been tried, every orifice explored, and yet every time is better than the last.  They’ve invented some of the strangest positions—and each one provokes screams and yelps of pleasure: “Oh yes ... Fantastic ... Keep going ... I’m close ... When?. .. NOW!”  And every time—yes, every time—they orgasm simultaneously and then lie there in wonder thinking it could not be any better than it just was.  And then they try again and it is.

Daedalus is so devoted to this routine that, while he still goes out every night (to ensure Steel doesn’t get suspicious), he keeps his alcohol intake to a minimum so that a hangover won’t impair his performance.  He’s also given up going home with the strippers at Chez Pussy—which is distressing to them, since the chance to be bedded by Daedalus Bolt is the main reason most exotic dancers come to Crescendo Cove.

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