Episode 62: The Hypotenuse of Love

For what Steel Bolt saw was this: Charity, his wife, and Daedalus, his brother, naked, upside down, leaning against the wall, their heads on the bed, their feet up near the ceiling.  Charity was closer to the wall while Daedalus, on the outside, thrust madly downward into her.  Their bodies—in conjunction to the wall—formed a right-angle triangle in which the two of them constituted a hypotenuse the likes of which Pythagoras surely never envisioned.  

You might think hearing someone shout “Oh sweet Jesus!” would have prompted them to stop what they were doing, but no.  Daedalus continued plunging even as he twisted his head to ascertain who had yelled.  Not that he really needed to look—but until it was irrefutably confirmed, there was a chance it might not have been Steel.  But it was. 

You would think gleaning that bit of information would’ve persuaded Daedalus to stop, but it didn’t.  His subconscious mind realized he was approaching something sublime and, since he’d been caught already, Might as well keep going, it figured.  

Just then Charity screamed, “Oh yes, oh yes.  NOW!” and with that, both achieved orgasm and their perverse pyramid of pleasure came tumbling down.  

Apparently Charity had been concentrating so intently on her climax, she hadn’t even heard Steel yell.  She was genuinely surprised to look up and see him standing in the doorway.  She quickly gathered all available blankets and scrunched them under her chin. 

“YOU!  YOU!  YOU!  YOU FORNICATORS!” Steel roared in a voice that resounded throughout stately Bolt Manor.  

Daedalus had been thrown out of the bed onto the floor upon orgasm.  Now he fumbled indecisively between covering himself and trying to explain: “Steel, it’s really not—what I mean is—I know you think you know what you saw but—you know, I really feel that together we can….”

Daedalus stopped talking when Steel’s visage suddenly changed.  In a matter of seconds, all of the blood drained from his face, his jaw unclenched and the veins in his temples and neck stopped throbbing.  

You might think these alterations would have been encouraging to Daedalus and Charity, but they weren’t.  They weren’t because the two of them could see that, in that instant, part of Steel died.

In a precise whisper he said, “I am in control here.  You,” he said to Charity, “get out and don’t ever let me see your face again,” and then to Daedalus (after a slight pause caused by the fact that he just then noticed how gargantuanly endowed his brother was), “You don’t go anywhere.” 

With that, Steel turned and left the room.

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