Episode 64: Feelings on Being a Mother and Father

Some Love the Idea, Others Find it a Bother

Daedalus Bolt stopped his pacing and gaped at Charity.  He tried to form words but was incapable.  “Wha.  Wha?  Preg?”

She rushed over and grabbed him by the wrists.  “What’s wrong, honey?”

He pulled away from her.  “What—what did you just say?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Daedalus’s face went ashen.  And in that moment Charity discerned his feelings on parenthood.  She had hoped this news would be cause for celebration; now she knew otherwise.

Daedalus turned his back and muttered, “Oh fuck.”

“I’m sorry,” she said with a sob.  

Daedalus, still not looking at her, asked the question (for the second time since our story began) that seems to be autonomic for men in this situation: “Are you sure?”

“I went to the doctor, yesterday.  A fertility specialist.  Steel sent me to see her.  He seemed to hope that if I was especially fertile, maybe even he could impregnate me....”  Charity waited for Daedalus to say something, but he didn’t.  “... Both the doctor and I were very surprised....”  He continued to stare at the wall with his back to her.  “... She said I’m eight weeks along, so it must’ve happened one of the first times we were together.”

That’s when Daedalus turned quickly and said, without looking at her, “Well, this doesn’t have to affect our plans for now.  We need to get you out of here.  You go to the motel and stay there until I contact you.  Don’t worry,” he added, “I’ll take care of this,” though he said it devoid of any compassion or confidence because, as Daedalus Bolt well knows, he has never taken care of a woman in this particular condition his entire life.

Charity was overwhelmed by the fact he wouldn’t look at her—and by everything else that had happened.  Fewer than five minutes ago she’d been the wife of a respected man, the lover of a positively delicious man, and a joyously impending mother.  Now all was lost.    

Perhaps because she was desperate to recover at least a part of her former happiness, she said, “If this is going to be the last time we see each other for a while, maybe we should take advantage.”  She walked over to Daedalus and squeezed his massive penis, now parallel to the floor in its semi-erectness. 

“Ohhhh,” he moaned reluctantly.  “Okay, but it has to be quick,” he said, as if such a thing were possible.

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