Episode 65: In Which Silence Is Disconcerting

But Sound Even More So

Meanwhile, back at Bolt Fasteners, Beth Breath was brooding.  The root of her anxiety was the behaviour of her boss, and beloved, Steel Bolt.  Specifically, the fact that minutes ago he had returned to the office with such an unsettling look on his face.  It was a combination of anger, hurt, dismay and determination, all conveyed with vacant, skittish eyes.

Beth tried to ask him what was wrong, but he shot her such a glare that the words stuck in her throat.  

And now nothing.  Usually she would hear the clatter of his keyboard or she’d hear him walking around or speaking on the phone.  But now, utter silence.  

No wait—suddenly Beth did hear him.  He was talking to someone.  But that’s odd, she thought, none of the lights on my phone are lit up.  No one is in there with him.  Beth Breath gasped.  She was almost positive she knew what that meant.

Had Beth been able to see inside Steel’s sanctum, her suspicions would have been confirmed.  For Steel Bolt was talking on the cell phone that he carries in his breast pocket—the phone that makes and takes calls to and from Dante Inferno.  

Steel’s end of the conversation went a little something like this:  “... Of course I understand why you can’t do it.  I was just hoping you might have some suggestions as to who could ... Mm-mm.  Yes.  Naturally ... Someone far removed ... Someone no one would suspect ... Easily manipulated ... Of course, experience in this area would be an asset—Wait a second.  You know what?  I think I know the ideal person for the job....”

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