Episode 67: A Variety of Things/Including Offsprings and Rings


Poor Daedalus Bolt.  Look at him sitting there at the end of the bar, a grimace of concern on his face as the fingers of his left hand twist the ring on his right.  (As you well know, when something is on Daedalus’s mind—and it’s not often that something of consequence is—he incessantly twists the ring his father gave him for his 18th birthday.)

Unfortunately Daedalus has much to worry about.  For one thing, he’s scared that Steel is going to have him killed.  You might think Daedalus would be encouraged by the fact that two weeks have passed since Steel discovered he and Charity in flagrante delicto, but no.  He’s not because he knows that Steel knows better than to act impulsively.  He knows that Steel knows the prudent way of going about such a thing is to let some time pass, to lull your victim into a complacency, then to strike.  It definitely helps when the police come around: “What do you mean?  I wasn’t mad at him for sleeping with my wife.  If I were, I would’ve killed him the moment I discovered them together.”

And Daedalus worries that not only is his life at stake, but Charity’s and the embryo nestled in the walls of her uterus as well.  

Daedalus hasn’t gone to see Charity yet.  He’s convinced himself that’s because Steel is probably having him followed and therefore leading him to Charity would be a bad idea.

That’s what Daedalus has convinced himself, but it’s not true.  The real reason he hasn’t visited her is that Daedalus is terrified of Charity the same way he’s been terrified of every woman who’s ever had his genetic material evolving within her.  

Daedalus has had so much sex in his life that his boys have slipped through more than one ovum wall (his best friend in Grade 8 almost had two startling additions to his family when both his mother and his older sister were late the same month).  And each time it happens Daedalus develops a paralysing aversion to the woman.

But, possibly to his credit, he is still thinking about the problem and he thinks that if he thinks about it just a little longer or just a little more intensely, a solution will appear.  And, of course, while thinking a drink comes in handy; hence his presence at Chez Pussy.  

If Daedalus weren’t so intoxicated, there’s a chance he might notice the man staring at him from the other end of the bar.  If Daedalus looked closely, even he would probably realize that the person in question looks very much like himself.  That’s because the man is none other than Hugh Rection, Daedalus’s nephew.

Why Hugh is staring at Daedalus, we’re not sure.  But we can’t help noticing that what he’s focussed on is the ring that Daedalus keeps twisting and the finger it encircles.

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