Episode 73: The Kindness of Strangers And Possible Dangers

Charity Bolt informed the cab driver that she had only $8.75, but wished to be taken as close to 742 Evergreen Terrace as possible.  

Those of you more familiar with the geography of Crescendo Cove than Charity (and that’s most of you given that she’s spent the bulk of her time since arriving in town at stately Bolt Manor and the other part in chauffeured limos that dropped her at whatever restaurant, banquet hall or medical clinic Steel had arranged for her to visit) know that that address is on the opposite side of the city from which Charity was coming.  Ergo, that amount of money was not nearly enough to get her there.  But, overcome by an inexplicable desire to protect the waif (the same desire that seems to infect everyone who meets her), the cabby took her all the way and neglected to mention his benevolence.

Charity got out of the car, thanked the driver, then took a moment to survey the neighbourhood.  It was clean and tasteful.  Middle-class, perhaps a notch above.  The houses were not huge or ostentatious, but they were obviously much-loved and well taken care of.  

The home Charity was dropped in front of looked to be the largest on the street.  It was pretty, white and green, with a wide driveway, a two-car garage and an immense bay window in front.  The array of windows on the second storey suggested many bedrooms.  

Who lives here?  What kind of people has Daedalus sent me to?  A family who is going to pity and coddle me because I’m a wayward girl?  I’m not sure I could handle that.

Charity considered leaving, but it was dusk and getting cold and her nose was beginning to run and a voice from within said, Trust him.  Trust Daedalus, he loves you, so she pulled her small bag of belongings close to her chest and moved toward the front door.  

When she got to the porch, Charity could see that there were lights on in the back of the house.  She stood there for a minute before finally summoning the courage to press the doorbell.  As soon as she had, she wanted to flee—but almost instantly she heard feet clacking along the hallway, and the door flew open.

What Charity saw amazed her.  

The look on the face of the person who opened the door left no doubt that this individual too was more than a little surprised.  

“Oh my.”

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