Episode 78: Chastity Secures Some More of Steel’s Booty—He’s Just Doing His Genetic Duty

“She is?!” Steel ejaculated, rushing toward Chastity as if compelled to get closer to the source of this wonderful news.  “She’s pregnant?!” 

“Steel,” his first wife said reproachfully, “we both know it’s not yours.”

Steel’s recollection that it was impossible for the baby to be his hurt him deeply.  His face retook the dead expression it has had since he discovered Charity making love upside down with his brother.  He sighed with resignation; “It’s Daedalus’s, is it?” 


“I see.  So what do you want from me?”

“She has nowhere to go, no money; I was hoping you would arrange something for her similar to what you’ve done for me.”

Steel thought about it for a second; “Very well, I’ll put her on the payroll and buy her a house.”  He looked at his watch. “I should be able to have it all arranged by the close of business tomorrow, provided—”

“No wait,” Chastity interrupted.  


“Certainly put her on the payroll, but as far as living arrangements are concerned, she can stay with me.”

“You really want that naive creature in your house?”

“Yes,” Chastity admitted.  “It’ll be nice to have someone else around.  Besides, it’ll be good for her to see me going through everything with my baby before she does.”

“Hmm.  I suppose you’re right.  Okay, have it your way.”

“Thank you, Steel,” she said with genuine appreciation.  Then, sensing he wanted her gone, she moved toward the door.  When she got there, however, she turned and asked the question she’d wanted to ask for months:  “Steel, why?”

“Why what?”

“Why are you going to all the trouble and expense of taking care of me, and now Charity?  Especially considering how and by whom we were impregnated.  You don’t usually treat people who’ve betrayed you so kindly.”

Steel spoke tersely, as if the answer were so obvious he resented having to waste breath expressing it: “Both of your children will have vestiges of my father’s DNA within them.  It is my duty to him, not to mention the rest of mankind, to see to it that the Bolt lineage is sustained with as little difficulty as possible.  The least I can do is ensure that the mothers of these children lead stress-free lives and receive the best medical care.  Hence the house, the paycheques and the doctors appointments.”  

Steel face was rigid when he finished speaking—Chastity’s was anything but.  She found his sense of honour and duty overwhelming.  His single-minded desire to see his father’s bloodline propagated—even though he couldn’t facilitate it himself—was more relevant than the fact that his licentious brother had impregnated both his wives.  Chastity walked over to Steel, kissed him warmly on his right cheek and let her palm rest on his left.  “You’re a good man, Steel Bolt,” she said.

“I know.” 

Again she walked toward the door, but again before exiting she couldn’t help but turn and speak.  This time though, she offered him some advice: “Steel, why don’t you do yourself a huge favour and fall in love with that beautiful receptionist out there?”

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